Current version available for download.

change notes


re-positioned seats
-driver seat moved back
-seat 2 moved back

floor adjustments made
-new textures added
-extended the floor closing the 0.15 gap between cab floor and cab wall

Wipers re aligned
added "transparent" front window, with a 90% darkness tone added.
Placed new textures in cab
- speedo dial replaced
- air brake dial replaced

    * Wiper animation is inadequate, and wiper control knob isn’t implemented yet
    * Raindrop effects aren't implemented yet
    * Headlight Have been added, and can be toggled by number 5 on your keypad
    * No details added to the rear of the cab behind the driver
    * The seats are comprised of only temporary meshes.
    * Driver blind has been implemented and can be toggled by number 4
    * The power handle,Sunflower and DRA will not show if engine is off, this is known.
    * The brake gauge is still been worked on and may sometimes show no pressure, this is being       worked on
    * Some sarcasm has been added to the in cab safety labels, we accept any giggles which may
      Occur upon reading 





v1.02 currently under development

V1.02- TBC
change notes

  • new blind texture

  • new left side cab wall

  • implemented light into clipboard 

  • added textures to power handle

  • buttons added to panel

  • reworked co-ordinates for panel to prevent in game "gaps" not shown in obj viewer

  • implemented working fully 3D TPWS

  • Implemented Emergency stop push button to drivers side panel

  • updated radio on drivers side panel showing version number.

  • added lights to panel to reflect the 2D panels lighting.

  • wiper positioning reworked. wiper now shows in "off" position

  • 3D DRA system added to panel. 

  • 3D wiper board added (animation function not yet implemented.) 

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