Airedale Line

The first section, between Leeds and Bradford (Forster Square station), was opened by the Leeds and Bradford Railway on 1 July 1846. A number of the intermediate stations were closed in March 1965 (as a result of the Beeching Axe), however the line and its major stations remained open. Some of the closed stations, such as Saltaire, were re-opened during the 1980s.

In 1994 under Regional Railways, the line was electrified at 25 kV AC overhead between Leeds and Skipton, and new British Rail Class 333 trains were introduced in the early 2000s. Investment in the line has seen passenger numbers grow, and now overcrowding on trains is a problem. New stock and longer trains are to be introduced by the new Northern Rail franchisee Arriva Rail North by December 2018 to tackle this issue. [source - wikipedia]

Pioneer trains are now in the process of developing the Airedale line. starting at Bradford Forster Square. you set out along the line heading for skipton passing many landmarks along the way. this route is over 25 miles in length and we have managed to source our own textures to try and bring to life the line on Openbve. 


Updates to follow. 




















newest update :20/09/2019


Evening everyone, i hope you have all had a good christmad and a nice start to 2020. Me and the team have had a short break from OpenBVE due to other real life commitments but we are back! (without a colour change)

the folloeing pictures are from the most recent build of the Airedale Line, although it may not look like much, a fair bit more work has gone into the route. We are as yet to add the shadows / rain effects, but we have concentrated more on the code / layout of the route. 


Scrap Yard Updates


The approach into shipley has now been populated with tree's and bushes to back fill the open space just off from Canal road. there are a few block of flats but you would be able to see them due to the height of the walls, but we have tried to add as much as possible to give an authentic feel to the approach.

We have also added Micks objects from the shipley route into the scrap yard, and made more improvements on the frame rates per car, as the scrapyard is a object heavy environment, we are still balancing items to FPS to try get the right balance. 

We plan to add the sounds to the area and populate workers in the near future. along with passing traffic along the bridge.

Frizinghall Station


Shipley Station


20/09/2019 - Update Log 

Work continues on the line. The team have split work into two sections, the first section is working from Bradford Forster Square to Shipley, this is currently undergoing installation of OHLE and new 3D power lines, we have the best of the best working on these and the FPS have not been greatly affected from the installation, although work continues. alongside the installation the team are adding BFS complete set up, with the buildings and archways too. We have also now got all 3 platforms fully functional so when the time comes, we can add more diagrams from each new starting positions.






















The other side of the team are working on populating track side items from Bingley to Crossflats, we want to get the first part of the route up to Keighley before populating stations and adding the shadows to give a depth effect to the environment.  we have to then decide on which way we want to go forward with traffic along the bypass, we can either go all out and fully animate passing traffic at  60mph or we can add the usual "stationary" traffic. that as yet is undecided.

We are nearly ready to finalise Crossflats station before moving along to Keighley. progress pictures below. 

A short video showcasing the route so far can be watched below.