Hello all,

I decided a while back to take a fairly long pause from the scene after hitting a 'brick wall', and then other life events took place and after the loss of a good friend who taught me a lot in regards to BVE i thought i was done for good. But I've decided to blow the dust of the old hard drives and see what i can come up with.

I know there is an old saying of time is a great healer, and some may say there hasn't been enough time, but just want to start with an apology. I've upset a few along the way with this game, and a lot in the early days. But for all those who i have upset, i am truly sorry.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Pioneer trains will now be requesting to be removed from BVE-T's hosting, and will be going back to a 'Wix' site (not the original, me and Adam H both cannot gain access to it!).  i have had a few messages via different means asking why certain downloads don't work, this is because i had all items on a old hard drive that decided to fail. Media-fire links will work though. so to sum up on my current PC i have only the base 350 me and Al had around 5 years ago. 

trains currently "unavailable" due to the hard drive failure are


  • Class 185 (now obtained)

  • Class 221

  • Class 370

  • Class 444

  • Class 450 (now obtained)

  • Class 91

  • Class 180 

  • Class 156 

  • Class 158 

  • Class 159

  • Class 43

If anyone has these, or knows of a place they may be getting hosted, please can you send me the links via PM?   





The first phase Will be a complete rework and overhaul of the Class 350, but not setting a time scale on that.  And the site will be posted on this thread once its ready to roll.  (350 is now live on the download page and can be accessed from the tab at the top of this screen)

I hope you all are keeping well!